How does Waldorf deal with “gifted” and “less academic” children.

How does Waldorf deal with “gifted” and “less academic” children.

This question makes little sense to a Waldorf teacher. Waldorf schools hesitate to categorise children, particularly in terms such as “slow” or “gifted”. A given child’s weaknesses in one area, whether cognitive, emotional or physical, will usually be balanced by strengths in another area. It is the teacher’s job to try to bring the child’s whole being into balance.

A child having difficulty with the material might be given extra help by the teacher or by parents; tutoring might also be arranged. Correspondingly, a child who picked tip the material quickly might be given harder problems of the same sort to work on, or might be asked to help a child who was having trouble.

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How does Waldorf deal with “gifted” and “less academic” children.

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